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Souk@sat discovery #14: Geneviève Grandbois

25 Dec

My final souk@sat post is on Geneviève Grandbois’ delicious chocolates. The perfect holiday gift for all those who love sweets! Merry Christmas!

Collection Les Classiques ©Geneviève Grandbois


Souk@sat discovery #13: Pas à papier

24 Dec

Marie-José Gustave is the designer behind Pas à papier, a collection of decorative objects and furniture made from recycled cardboard such as mirrors, bowls, lamps, chairs, etc. Marie-José also offers workshops for those that are interested in creating furniture out of cardboard. One of the most intriguing things at this year’s souk@sat.

Luminaries and bowls by Pas à papier ©Pas à papier


Souk@sat discoveries #11 and #12: Essence Workshop and L’Apothicaire

23 Dec

For all the beautistas out there looking for a new experience, why not create your own perfume from the world’s finest fragrances at Essence Workshop? During the first part of the workshop, you will be introduced to the olfactory world of essences, and in the second part, you will create your very own perfume. The whole experience lasts two hours.

©Essence Workshop


If you are looking for natural bath and body products, why not try L’Apothicaire? Everything is made by hand and in Quebec.

Rose and Pink Clay Organic Soap by L'Apothicaire ©L'Apothicaire

Bath Salts by L'Apothicaire ©L'Apothicaire


Souk@sat discovery #10: Moon! and Sparrow

22 Dec

Looking for an awesome Christmas card? Or a cool gift for a baby or a child? Then you should visit Moon! and Sparrow baby products and prints. Sandy is the illustrator behind all the products and the illustrations are drawn and printed by hand in Montreal. Her drawings are quite cute and childish! See for yourselves.

Christmas cards by Moon! and Sparrow ©Moon! and Sparrow


Souk@sat discoveries #7, #8 and #9: Chapelière A. Côté, This Ilk and Tamé

21 Dec

Looking for the perfect winter accessory or a piece of jewelery that will turn heads? These three designers might have what you are looking for. Chapelière A. Côté creates one of a kind hats made of felt for women and men in various styles and colors. You can even contact the designer, Annie Côté, for special orders. This Ilk focuses on jewelery made of lace, while Tamé has a collection of beautiful knotted necklaces.

Hat by Chapelière A. Côté ©Chapelière A. Côté


Lace necklace by This Ilk ©This Ilk


Knotted necklaces by Tamé ©Tamé


Souk@sat discoveries #4, #5 and #6: Pascale Girardin, PMO Design and Marianne Chénard

20 Dec

If you’re interested in beautiful ceramic objects, then you must check out these three designers. Pascale Girardin creates beautiful decorative flowers that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. These pieces are created by hand and can serve as jewelery and trinket dishes. She also creates large-scale installations that have been showcased in different venues around the world. If you’re looking for something a little more practical, how about PMO Design’s salt and pepper shakers or Marianne Chénard’s maple syrup containers, both high quality and handmade ceramics.

Red Flowers by Pascale Girardin ©Pascale Girardin


Salt and Pepper shakers by PMO Design ©PMO Design


Maple Syrup container by Marianne Chénard ©Marianne Chénard


Souk@sat discoveries #2 and #3: C comme Ça and Blisscraft&Brazen

19 Dec

Interested in sustainable design? Then you will appreciate these recent finds from souk@sat. The first, C comme Ça, is a concept created by designer Cindy Cantin who makes felt from merino wool or recycled fibres, a material that is sustainable, durable and water resistant. Cindy combines felt with recycled leather and other materials to create clean, streamlined designs such as protective sleeves for laptops, iPhones, iPods and iPads or storage baskets and desk organizers. Her style is simple and modern, yet timeless.

©C comme Ça


Blisscraft&Brazen is the brainchild of Aaron Reaume and Rachel Dhawan. They create handmade objects for the home and jewelery from repurposed and salvaged materials like wood and silver off cuts. Aaron runs the company Blisscraft whose specialty is custom furniture while Rachel, the creator of Brazen Design, makes nature-inspired, sterling silver jewelery. Both aim to produce sustainable and ethical products that are beautifully handcrafted.

Wooden Tree Stand jewelery holder ©Blisscraft&Brazen


Souk@sat discovery #1: Kimberly Fletcher

14 Dec

snakeskin bracelets by Kimberly Fletcher

As I mentioned yesterday, in the next few days, I’ll be posting about my recent discoveries from this year’s souk@sat. And I’m happy to begin with a young lady by the name of Kimberly Fletcher who specializes in leather goods. When I first passed by her creations, what caught my eye was her leather messenger bags. And then, I saw these bracelets in sets of three that I presumed were made of leather, but Kimberly quickly corrected me and told me they were snakeskin. Simple, pretty and durable. So I bought a set! If you’re looking for a premium and durable product, I suggest you visit her profile on Etsy. You’ll find bags, belts and wallets made from high quality leather, and of course, those snakeskin bracelets. All her creations are made in Montreal.



13 Dec


This past weekend I attended the 8th annual souk@sat at the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal. It’s a type of bazaar organized in a loft-style space where Montreal designers and artists showcase their creations. It takes place every year during the month of December and is an ideal place if you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift for that special someone. The items range from home decor and furniture, to clothing and jewelry. One can even find handmade body products and sweet confections. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover what local products the city has to offer all under one roof. So I’ve decided that for the next few days, I’ll be showing some of my favorite creations from this year’s souk@sat. Hope it inspires you to promote local talent and business in your city!