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Montreal’s Hidden Treasures: Dominion Square Tavern

30 Apr

I recently had the chance to visit Dominion Square Tavern, a little place hidden on Metcalfe Street, in Downtown Montreal. The ambiance is quite pleasant and the decor oozes old world charm (you’d think you were transported back to the Roaring Twenties). The drinks and cocktails are fantastic and crafted with homemade tonic. The restaurant offers bistro-style dishes with an accessible French Canadian palate and the cuisine is also notably infused with a British sensibility. If you are visiting Montreal, this is a must-see.

Dominion Square Tavern

Dominion Square Tavern

Cookies Unite!

1 Mar

Cookies Unite is an event held every month at the Nouveau Palais restaurant. It’s organized by chef Gita Seaton and the goal is to showcase young cooking talent. It gives line cooks an opportunity to create and cook a menu of their own and get some recognition. On Monday March 5th, 2012, Kate & Julio will be taking over the kitchen, so if you have no plans, why not reserve your place at the Nouveau Palais and support some local talent. More details at lmQcooks.

The Layover: Montreal

18 Jan

This post is for all the foodies out there who want to get a glimpse of what culinary delights Montreal has to offer. Enjoy!

[Via YouTube]

Thank you Anthony Bourdain for making me discover restaurants I did not even know existed in my own city!