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Montreal Landmarks: Dorchester Square

30 Jan

Last week, Montreal’s mayor announced that Dorchester Square and Place du Canada would be added to the city’s list of heritage sites. The nomination will help in the preservation and the development of architectural, urban and landscape qualities of the square. Dorchester Square was once a Catholic cemetery, later transformed into a public park. In 1872, it was given the name Dominion Square to commemorate the Canadian Confederation of 1867. At the end of the 19th century, prestigious buildings were built along the square like the Windsor Hotel and Windsor Station. Today, the square is open to the public 24 hours a day and forms a focal point for pedestrian traffic in the city.

Dorchester Square ©Yves Provencher/Métro

[Via Métro Montréal]


Montreal’s Historic Places: Westmount

23 Jan

Last week, the Canadian federal government named the city of Westmount, a tiny enclave in the city of Montreal, one of Canada’s “iconic neighbourhoods” for its architecture. The historic city is a perfect example of a victorian and post-victorian neighbourhood with its many old houses.

Westmount Public Library

Small brick house in Westmount

Hurtubise House, the oldest house in Westmount

House in Westmount

Trafalgar Lodge in Westmount

First photo [Via Montreal Mosaic]
Second photo [Via Opération Patrimoine]
Third photo [Via Wikipedia]
Fourth photo [Via CBC News]
Fifth photo [Via Openfile]