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29 Mar

There’s a new exhibition that begins today at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), a pluri-disciplinary presenter of professional contemporary art (dance, theatre, music, interdisciplinary, visual and media arts) mandated to promote intercultural artists (emerging, and established), and their intercultural artistic practices. The exhibition, curated by Emmanuel Galland, is called Prémices/Open-Ended and features the work of Haitian-born artist Manuel Mathieu, a graduate from UQÀM in Visual and Media Arts.  The series of medium and large-scale paintings depicts a deconstructed universe populated by distorted figures, between abstraction and figuration, who are ever changing. The feeling is that of a post-disaster world and a path towards renewal.

Manuel Mathieu, "Sans titre", 5 x 6 feet, 2012 - Photo credit: Guy L'Heureux

Manuel Mathieu, "Sans titre", diptych, 2012 - Photo credit: Guy L'Heureux

If you wish to learn more about the artist, please visit his website at

Also, two articles on Manuel Mathieu:


Collectionner: Propositions

28 Mar

Gigi Perron, Femme assise, 1993, Photo credit: Nathalie Tremblay

Here’s a third exhibition that’s taking place during the event Collectionner, at the Verdun Cultural Centre. The art collection of Paryse Taillefer offers a variety of works from contemporary female artists, mainly from Québec. You can visit the exhibition from March 28th to May 11th and the entrance is free. For details, please visit Accès Culture.

Collectionner: Travers – L’art de collectionner

22 Mar

Arsenal-Contemporary Art

Here’s another exhibition that’s taking place during the event Collectionner. This time, it’s at the Arsenal, an exhibition space in Griffintown, dedicated to contemporary art. Many works from various Quebec collections will be on display from March 17th to May 25th, 2012, including the collections of François Odermatt and Pierre and Anne-Marie Trahan (Majudia Collection). For details, please visit Accès Culture and the Arsenal.

Photo [Via The Arsenal].

Collectionner: La collection branchée de M. Tremblay

21 Mar

Yannick Pouliot, Empire : possessif, 2007, Photo credit: Guy L’Heureux

Are you an art collector? Than this event might interest you. For 13 weeks (March 13th – June 17th, 2012), Montreal will be hosting the event Collectionner, where nine passionate art collectors will be exhibiting their personal art collections to all art lovers. The first exhibition is from March 13th to April 22nd, at Maison de la culture Frontenac. Alain Tremblay’s art collection will be on display and entrance is free. For details on this event, please visit Accès Culture (in French only).

25 ANS ET DEMI-Publicité Sauvage at Dawson College

9 Mar

The fourth installment of Publicité Sauvage opened this week at Dawson College and is on until March 25th. In this exhibition, co-curated by Luc Parent with Marc H. Choko, visitors will get to see 35 posters that illustrate the vitality of the English-speaking community of Montreral. Several of the featured posters are also by graphic designers active in the School of Design at UQAM. If you wish to see it, the exact location is:

Dawson College-Warren G. Flowers Gallery

4001, boul. de Maisonneuve West, Westmount, Atwater metro (direct metro exit) – 514-931-8731

From Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Free entrance.

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Dawson College Exhibition Poster Credit: Studio Feed

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Sam and Me Credit: Yvan Adam

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Fringe Festival 2006 Credit: Amen

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Comedia Film Festival 2002 Credit: Vittorio Fiorucci

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Absolut Dawson 32 diplômés Credit: Anonymous, 1995

25 ANS ET DEMI-Publicité Sauvage at Écomusée du fier monde

20 Feb

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Écomusée du fier monde Exhibition Poster Credit: Louise Marois/Studio T-Bone

Last week, I talked about Publicité Sauvage’s 25-year retrospective and mentioned their exhibition at Café Campus. Their third installment is at the Écomusée du fier monde where one can see 40 social, community and political posters encouraging us to take action for a cause or to promote change in our society. Some of these posters go straight to the point with their message while most show the viewer that it is possible to illustrate a committed language in a beautiful and harmonious way. The works are on display until March 4th. To learn more about the Écomusée du fier monde, please visit their website.

25 ANS ET DEMI-Publicité Sauvage

17 Feb

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Exhibition Poster Credit: Alexandre Renzo

Posters are a part of our daily life promoting various events and adding some color into our surroundings. This year, Publicité Sauvage, an advertising company, is celebrating their 25 years in the business. Founded by the artist Baudoin Wart in the early 80s to help promote Montreal’s underground cultural scene, Publicité Sauvage played a major role in legalizing public postering in the city in 1994 (before this date, flyposting had been illegal in Montreal). Instead of organizing one single exhibition to showcase all their work, they’ve decided to organize 15 exhibitions throughout the year in 15 different venues all over Montreal with the help of Marc H. Choko, professor of graphic design at UQAM. In total, 700 posters will be on display, representing different eras, styles and events that highlight Quebec’s cultural landscape of the past quarter century.

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Café Campus Exhibition Poster Credit: Stéphane Huot

This weekend, you can visit the exhibition at Café Campus, on until February 29th (officially, but might be extended). Café Campus has been one of Publicité Sauvage’s oldest and most loyal clients, with its posters representing its unique signature. The 35 posters on display showcase events that were held in the club and represent a distinctly fun and inventive style, done with little means but fulfilling their function in attracting clients. Here are a few examples:

Publicité Sauvage 2/15 Café Campus: La Fête des Patriotes Credit: Anonymous

Publicité Sauvage 2/15 Café Campus: Les Weekends X-larges Credit: Emmanuela Grasso, 2008

Publicité Sauvage 2/15 Café Campus: L'Halloween avec Les Colocs Credit: Anonymous, 1993

I will keep you updated on the other exhibitions soon. For more information, please visit Publicité Sauvage.

Oil and Art

7 Dec

A few weeks ago I went to go see OIL, an exhibition by renowned Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky, at the McCord Museum. The series, composed of 56 large photographs, explores the subject of oil from production to distribution, and also shows the impact of oil consumption on our lives and on the environment. The photos are stunning, disturbing and thought-provoking. A must see! The exhibition is on until January 8, 2012.

Edward Burtynsky, Oil Fields #19a, Belridge, California, USA, 2003, ©Edward Burtynsky