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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

16 Mar

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, a list of 10 drinking scenes from Art History courtesy of BLOUIN ARTINFO.


30th FIFA!

15 Mar

No, not the World Cup of soccer, but the International Festival of Films on Art that takes place every year in Montreal. This year, from March 15th to the 25th, FIFA will be celebrating its 30th anniversary by showing 232 films in various categories: painting, sculpture, architecture, design, fashion, literature, dance, music, photography…The festival’s mission is to promote art and the artists who create it through film. For the complete program and information on the festival, please visit FIFA.

Once upon a time…

14 Mar

Little Red Riding Hood by Arthur Rackham

I read last week that five hundred new fairytales were discovered in Germany. For the complete story, head on over to The Gaurdian.

13 Mar

I wish all libraries looked so grand!

I Love Upstate New York

Grand Arches Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library

I love libraries…well, I love the idea of libraries. Whenever I go to a new library, I always have the same hope that the inside will resemble the Venetian library that was featured in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade…minus all of the rats and fire. I hold my breath with the excitement that white marble floors and painted ceilings can arouse. I long for the smell of worn leather bindings and yellowing parchment. When I go to a library, I want to literally be transported to a different era, when people had loads of money to decorate buildings from floor to ceiling with knick knacks made of solid gold. I am always disappointed when faced with the fluorescently lit reality that has been every library I have ever had the misfortune to visit…and yet my quest for the perfect library continues, much as Indiana’s search for the holy grail.

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Pardon My French: Episode 7/Women

12 Mar

Another video from Garance Doré in Paris.

[Via Garance Doré]

25 ANS ET DEMI-Publicité Sauvage at Dawson College

9 Mar

The fourth installment of Publicité Sauvage opened this week at Dawson College and is on until March 25th. In this exhibition, co-curated by Luc Parent with Marc H. Choko, visitors will get to see 35 posters that illustrate the vitality of the English-speaking community of Montreral. Several of the featured posters are also by graphic designers active in the School of Design at UQAM. If you wish to see it, the exact location is:

Dawson College-Warren G. Flowers Gallery

4001, boul. de Maisonneuve West, Westmount, Atwater metro (direct metro exit) – 514-931-8731

From Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Free entrance.

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Dawson College Exhibition Poster Credit: Studio Feed

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Sam and Me Credit: Yvan Adam

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Fringe Festival 2006 Credit: Amen

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Comedia Film Festival 2002 Credit: Vittorio Fiorucci

Publicité Sauvage 4/15 Dawson College: Absolut Dawson 32 diplômés Credit: Anonymous, 1995

Pardon My French: Episode 6/Fashion & Technology

8 Mar

[Via Garance Doré]

Montreal’s Emblematic Sites

7 Mar

Last week, I talked about Montreal’s threatened emblematic sites. Here are three sites that Heritage Montreal has managed to save over the years.


Guaranteed Pure Milk Bottle

[Via Heritage Montreal]

Silo #5

[Via Quays of the Old Port]

The Carmelites' Convent

[Via Le Carmel]

World’s Coolest Manholes!

6 Mar

Sometimes, the coolest art lies beneath our feet. Head on over to The Atlantic Cities for the complete slideshow.

Pardon My French: Episode 5/Les Parisiennes

5 Mar

Fashion Week in Paris via Garance Doré!

[Via Garance Doré]