29 Mar

There’s a new exhibition that begins today at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), a pluri-disciplinary presenter of professional contemporary art (dance, theatre, music, interdisciplinary, visual and media arts) mandated to promote intercultural artists (emerging, and established), and their intercultural artistic practices. The exhibition, curated by Emmanuel Galland, is called Prémices/Open-Ended and features the work of Haitian-born artist Manuel Mathieu, a graduate from UQÀM in Visual and Media Arts.  The series of medium and large-scale paintings depicts a deconstructed universe populated by distorted figures, between abstraction and figuration, who are ever changing. The feeling is that of a post-disaster world and a path towards renewal.

Manuel Mathieu, "Sans titre", 5 x 6 feet, 2012 - Photo credit: Guy L'Heureux

Manuel Mathieu, "Sans titre", diptych, 2012 - Photo credit: Guy L'Heureux

If you wish to learn more about the artist, please visit his website at

Also, two articles on Manuel Mathieu:


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