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25 ANS ET DEMI-Publicité Sauvage

17 Feb

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Exhibition Poster Credit: Alexandre Renzo

Posters are a part of our daily life promoting various events and adding some color into our surroundings. This year, Publicité Sauvage, an advertising company, is celebrating their 25 years in the business. Founded by the artist Baudoin Wart in the early 80s to help promote Montreal’s underground cultural scene, Publicité Sauvage played a major role in legalizing public postering in the city in 1994 (before this date, flyposting had been illegal in Montreal). Instead of organizing one single exhibition to showcase all their work, they’ve decided to organize 15 exhibitions throughout the year in 15 different venues all over Montreal with the help of Marc H. Choko, professor of graphic design at UQAM. In total, 700 posters will be on display, representing different eras, styles and events that highlight Quebec’s cultural landscape of the past quarter century.

25th Anniversary Publicité Sauvage Café Campus Exhibition Poster Credit: Stéphane Huot

This weekend, you can visit the exhibition at Café Campus, on until February 29th (officially, but might be extended). Café Campus has been one of Publicité Sauvage’s oldest and most loyal clients, with its posters representing its unique signature. The 35 posters on display showcase events that were held in the club and represent a distinctly fun and inventive style, done with little means but fulfilling their function in attracting clients. Here are a few examples:

Publicité Sauvage 2/15 Café Campus: La Fête des Patriotes Credit: Anonymous

Publicité Sauvage 2/15 Café Campus: Les Weekends X-larges Credit: Emmanuela Grasso, 2008

Publicité Sauvage 2/15 Café Campus: L'Halloween avec Les Colocs Credit: Anonymous, 1993

I will keep you updated on the other exhibitions soon. For more information, please visit Publicité Sauvage.