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What Happens in Bookstores at Night

17 Jan

Here’s a charming and whimsical short video of what happens once this bookstore closes for the day (bookstore in question is Type Books in Toronto).

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True Love In Pictures

16 Jan

Two of my favorite fashion bloggers, Scott Schuman and Garance Doré recently collaborated on a project capturing photos of real-life couples for the Tiffany “what makes love true” campaign. The pictures were shot in New York and Paris using Instagram. For the complete photo gallery, go to True Love In Pictures/Tiffany & Co..

©The Sartorialist

©Garance Doré

Igloofest Artist of the Day: Buraka Som Sistema

13 Jan

This gang from Portugal will be performing tomorrow, January 14th, at 11:15 pm at Igloofest. Nothing like a fusion of electronic music with the African kuduro genre to kick-start the weekend!



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Igloofest Artist of the Day: A-Trak

12 Jan

In honor of Igloofest, I’ll be playing some music at the end of each week of January by artists who will be performing at the festival. Tonight, Montreal native A-Trak will be performing at 8 pm.

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Igloofest 2012!

11 Jan

This year, Montrealers will be celebrating Igloofest’s 6th anniversary. What is Igloofest you ask? Well, it’s an outdoor electronic music festival that takes place every year in January at the Jacques Cartier Quay in the Old Port of Montreal. At least 60 artists will be performing from January 12 to 28, from Thursday to Saturday. Like every year, there will be an igloo village, ice sculptures, an ice bar, interactive installations and the infamous one-piece snowsuit competition. So if you’re brave enough to face the freezing cold weather, put on your one-piece snowsuit and get the party started!

For more details, please visit Igloofest.

The Life of an Art Detective

10 Jan

I just read a fascinating article about a career still rarely seen in the museum world, that of a curator of provenance or in other words, an art detective, whose job is to research works with questionable histories. If I’ve piqued your interest, then please head on over to the The Boston Globe.

Downton Abbey

9 Jan

Downton Abbey Season 2

I have a confession to make. For the last ten years of my life, I’ve been obsessed with Masterpiece on PBS, a drama anthology television series best known for presenting adaptations of novels, but it also shows original television dramas. I have a huge ( I mean HUGE!) love for period films and series. I’ve seen numerous adaptations of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. I very much enjoyed The Tudors. I cannot wait for the second season of The Borgias. And the list goes on and on…So last year, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Downton Abbey, a British period drama series set during the late Edwardian era (the story begins in 1912), created by Julian Fellowes who also wrote the script for another one of my favorite period movies, Gosford Park. The series follows the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants who reside in the fictional Downton Abbey, the Yorkshire country house of the Earl and Countess of Grantham. The first season covers the period from 1912 to 1914, and the second takes place during World War I. The first season focuses on the need for a male heir to the Grantham estate, and the troubled love life of Lady Mary, the eldest Crawley daughter, as she attempts to find a suitable husband. The second season began on January 8th, 2012 on PBS, and if like me, you enjoy watching costume dramas, I highly recommend this one!

For airing times, please visit Masterpiece/PBS

The Library Phantom

6 Jan

This story is not new and maybe some of you have already heard about the famous paper sculptures left in various libraries and museums all over Edinburgh, Scotland. It started in the spring of 2011 and only recently was the tenth and final sculpture dropped off at the Scottish Poetry Library in mid-November. These little works of art are breathtaking and were given as gifts by an anonymous woman to express her thanks for the continuing existence of libraries, museums, and books in Scotland. This person is amazing for putting all this time and effort into creating these little gems and then giving them away. A selfless and generous act. A magical and inspirational story to say the least!

For the full story, please visit NPR and This is Central Station.

Roof Top Lights

5 Jan

So I was going to post something completely different today but instead I discovered Roof Top Lights by Lightboys through CollabCubed’s blog and thought I should share this. I love the idea which is reminiscent of baroque trompe-l’oeil. Quite exquisite!


ceiling light, projected photo, illuminated photo of church dome, skylight, disco ballceiling light, projected photo, illuminated photo of church dome, skylight, disco ballceiling light, projected photo, illuminated photo of church dome, skylight, disco ballThis is such a clever idea, especially ideal for the many dark New York City apartments out there. Roof Top Lights, by Lightboys, are large-format illuminated photographs mounted on an ultra-thin housing that contains LEDs. Suddenly, you not only have an overhead light, but a skylight or church dome or treetops, even a disco ball, right over your head, as well! To quote their website “These are images which not only open up rooms, but also hearts and minds…”

Lightboys also make Lightwalls and Polaboys (backlit large-scale photos with the look of a Polaroid).

Very cool, if a bit pricey.

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Steve McCurry’s One-Minute Masterclass #10: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

4 Jan

In the final lesson, Steve McCurry offers some valuable advice on how to get out of any sticky situation and how to avoid one in the first place while taking pictures on the street. I hope you all enjoyed these lessons as much as I did.

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