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Souk@sat discoveries #4, #5 and #6: Pascale Girardin, PMO Design and Marianne Chénard

20 Dec

If you’re interested in beautiful ceramic objects, then you must check out these three designers. Pascale Girardin creates beautiful decorative flowers that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. These pieces are created by hand and can serve as jewelery and trinket dishes. She also creates large-scale installations that have been showcased in different venues around the world. If you’re looking for something a little more practical, how about PMO Design’s salt and pepper shakers or Marianne Chénard’s maple syrup containers, both high quality and handmade ceramics.

Red Flowers by Pascale Girardin ©Pascale Girardin

Salt and Pepper shakers by PMO Design ©PMO Design

Maple Syrup container by Marianne Chénard ©Marianne Chénard