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Souk@sat discovery #1: Kimberly Fletcher

14 Dec

snakeskin bracelets by Kimberly Fletcher

As I mentioned yesterday, in the next few days, I’ll be posting about my recent discoveries from this year’s souk@sat. And I’m happy to begin with a young lady by the name of Kimberly Fletcher who specializes in leather goods. When I first passed by her creations, what caught my eye was her leather messenger bags. And then, I saw these bracelets in sets of three that I presumed were made of leather, but Kimberly quickly corrected me and told me they were snakeskin. Simple, pretty and durable. So I bought a set! If you’re looking for a premium and durable product, I suggest you visit her profile on Etsy. You’ll find bags, belts and wallets made from high quality leather, and of course, those snakeskin bracelets. All her creations are made in Montreal.